Reunioneer Fred Olson has set up a listserv group site. The site provides a forum for discussion of the reunion and other related topics by any interested parties. It promises be a great place for a "digital" gathering of the reunion community.

Here is Fred's description:

"There is a listserv for discussion of the Ames reunion.Info and archives at:

To subscribe , send an email to:

To learn more about how a listserv (aka "mailing list") works see:

Note that [the listserv] is for "discussion" I assume occasional announcement mailings to the list of folks who have registered at the amesreunion web site will be done separately.

The 'list address' is (where messages are sent to be automatically sent to all other subscribers). Anyone can subscribe, anyone can read the archive of messages, however, only subscribers can post (cuts down SPAM)."

NOTE: "Official" announcements and information about the reunion will NOT necessarily be reflected in these discussions. If you've registered at, you will receive occassional "official" updates regarding the reunion via email. These updates will also be posted on the "potpourri" page of the amesreunion website.