People to be Contacted

Many of you have sent us names of people you would like to see at the reunion. We have compiled a list of these people below and now we need your help in connecting with them. If you know how to contact any of these folks please do so. Tell them about the reunion, the website, and if they don't have internet access, give them our snail-mail address. Then please please email us at and let us know that you have contacted them so we can cross them off our "to be contacted" list.

If you are visiting the website and see your name on this list please contact us regardless of whether or not you wish to be involved in the reunion or the website, so we can stop trying to locate you.

We realize this list is incomplete. So if you are visiting the website and don't see your name on the list, but you identify with the Ames counterculture from the mid 60's to the late 70's and see the names of old friends with whom you'd like to reconnect please sign up. All are welcome.

Here is the list: (note: The list will be updated periodically. An asterisk will be placed next to the name of anyone we believe has been contacted, but has not responded. The names will be struck of those who have responded.)


Ken Adams

Emmet Ady

Guy Alfree*

Jane Alleman

Carla Allison

Jack Anderson

Kurt (Spook)Anderson

George Appleby

Jenean Arnold

Larry Ash

Rick Atkinson*


Marcia Babel

Suzy Bappe

Tom Barfoot

Sandy Barringer

Bob Bataille

Virginia Bataille

Russell Baumhover

John Blau

Doreen (Beach) VanderMay

Rich and Leanne Beachler

Barb Beattie

Bev Beckman

Judy Bekem

Sally Bennett

Benny Best

Joan Booe/Busch

Pam Borke

Norm Borrall

Mace Bowen

Tim Bolander

Dave Brinegar

Toni Brown

Charlie Bruner

Doug Bryner

Marion Buck

Kathy Bugliari

Jim Bunting*

Dee Bunting*

Kathy Burks

Al Burns

Dan Busch


David Calderwood

Greg Calvert*

Agnes Carbrey

Anna Carbrey

Theresa Carbrey

Kathy Carter

Bill Case*

Renee' Cavin

Candy Christiansen

Bob and Diane Clark (aka Captain Clark)

Kent Clemens

Mary Francis Cochran

Pete Collier

George Cook

Jean Cook

David Cooper

Nancy Cooper

Martha Corey

David and Melanie (Abbott) Cornwall

Mindy Cosmo

Mike Couture

Diane Cox

Phil Cox

Mike Coyle


Martha Dahlin

Mark Danielson

Ikiyo Dannipoo

Osha Gray Davidson

Mark and Kathy Davis

Nancy Davis

Johan DeGeest

Greg and JoJo Deiter*

Nancy Deutsch

Henley Dodge (presumably not a car dealership)

Mark (Sharky) Drees

Chris Dunaway

Pat Dunbar

Butch Dunlap

Dave Dunn


Mark Edwards

Ada Eggleton*

Julia Egli

Bruce and Marlene Ehersman

Bruce Ellis*

Charlie Ellis

Janet Erickson (Brown)

Jim Erickson

John Eveland

Steve Ewoldt


Robert Fair*

Ellen Feinberg*

Terry and Barb Feldot

Steve Ferguson

Dan Fernelius

Cindy Figulski

Marcia Fiske

John & Liddy Fitzpatrick

Cindy Fox

John Fox

Paul Fox

Jill Francis

Sue Francis

Loras Freiburger

Francie Fries*

Kathy Froehlich

Terry and Susan Fultz*


Ulf Gafvert

John Gelland

Sue Gellinger

Al Gibbs

Debra Goraczkowski

John Grassidonio

Darryl Greene

David Greffenius

Jeanne Griffin*

Meg Griffin

Rose Griffin*

Melanie Griffith (I assume this isn't the movie actress, but she's welcome to come too).

³The Gypse²


Bart Hacker

Jane Hagen

Dana Halverson

Doug Haney

Jim Hannah

Margo Hannah

MayRee Hansel*

Tom Hanson

Donna Hasbrouck

Bill Hatten

Chris Hawkes

Jim Healey*

Dennis Healy

Terry Henderson

John Hendrickson

Mark Hendricksen

Mary Hernandez

John Hersey

Kit Hersey

Mickie Hersey

Tom Higgins

Carol Hodne

Ranor Hoffman*

Julia Hoilien

Dave Hopgood

Judy Hopper

Scott Hopper

Sue Hopper

Chuck Horowitz

Julie Horsefield

Penny Houlson

Guy Hugunin*

Jane Hulting

Wayne Hunt*


Larry Jacobs

Kurt James

Dick Jansen

LaMonte Jenkins

Rick Jenkins

Dennis Jensen

Ron Jones

Randy and Cheri Johnsen

Claudia Johnson

D. J. (Dennis Johnson)

Frank Johnson

Jo Johnson

Keith Johnson

Phil Johnson

Randy Johnson

Cheri Jones

Walter Juve ("Wally Burger")*


Donna Karnes

Jack Kegel

Jim Kemis

Clark Kenyon

Tommy King

Collier Kirkham*

Steve Kist

Richard and Cherry (Hill) Klimesh

Terry Kline

Kirk Kniss

Tom Knudson

Ed Knudson

Ken Kolb

Janet Konnefel (spelling?)

Rick Krall

Tom Krall

Mel Kreb

Mary Kundrat

Bill Kunerth


Skip Laitner

Pat Bennett Lanman

Barb Larson

Siri Larson

Cyndi Larson

Dave Larson

Julie Larson

Katherine Larson

Larry Larson

Mary Larson

Jack Lasche

Sonya Lefevers

Bree Lepon

Darlene Lepon

Leigh LePon*

Tim Lewis

Mary Lou Lifka*

Steve Lind

Toni Linder

Greg Lone

Tammy Lorenz

Jack Lorenzen

Mary Lorenzen

Bob Lorr

Kitty Lott

Rob Louden

Lew Loveless


Nancy Lowther

Joe Lynch


Katya Madson

John Magnuson

Zulfi Mahmud

Tony Mason

Joyce Matters

Merry Matters

Larry McCormick

Shawn McDermott

Chris McDonald

Kay McDonald

Karen McKernan

Bill Meeks

Elizabeth (Beth Bryant) Merrill

Julie (Meyer)Malia*

Phil Miller

Bill Milliken

Herman Moeller

Don Montross

Bill Morrison

Paula Moser/Steffan

Butch Moore

Brett Mumford

Linda Murken

Diane Voight Muse

Harold Myron*


Jim Newcomer*

Susan Newcomer

Kent Newman

Glenn Nichols


Cindy Oberlin

Kate O'Brien

Molly O'Brien

Nick Osness

Butch Osterloo

Peter Otto

Mike Owen

Mike Owings*


Leftheris Papageorgiou

Maura Peglar

"Sat Perk"

Greg Peterschmidt

Mary Peterson

Nancy Peterson

Dave Pirtle

Margaret Pirtle

Toni Pounds

Charlie Profit*


Terrance Quinn

Bruce Rausch

Mark Rausch

Mike Rausch

Mike Reilly

Lauri Rey

Tom Richards*

Jim Rierson

Jeanine Rierson

Dennis Riley

Bruce Ritchie

Mark Robertosn

Roosevelt Roby*

Kris Ross

Dick (Curlz) Ruess

Dennis Ryan

Margaret Ryding


Mary Ann SanFillipo*

Margaret Savage

Paula Schaedlich

Del and Jeannie Schmidt

Sarah Schmidt

Steve Schmidt*

Chuck Schoenenberger*

Ed Schneckloth

Curt Seifert*

Gary and Deb Seite

Steve Seronko

Bob Setterburg

Page Shadow

Lin Shaw

Marie Sherman

Brenda and Neil Smith

Ken Smid

Carla Sogard (Hatten)

Craig (Cat) Somers

Jan Spear

Jim Spear

Gary Speers

Phil Steffan

Ed Stiles

Bob Stockfield

Carole Storby*

Dennis Strand

Jeanne Svec

Janelle Swanberg

Bill Swann

Jane Synhorst


Jack Talbert

Connie Tanczo

Mark Tegtmeier

Ellery Temple

Colin Tesdahl

Mike Thomas

Ray Tiffany

Tom Till

Cindy Tinkum


Robert Trembly

Anna Marie Tulley

The Tymeson's


Rick Voss


Mick Walsh

Sarah Walz

Mike Wardle

Ted Warmbrand

Cam Waters

Margo Webster

Mark Weidemier

Mark Weimer

Keith Wessel*

Barb Wheelock

David White

John Whitehouse

R.C. and Ruth Whittenbaugh

Rick Whittenbaugh

Ruth and Dan Wiedemeier*

Ruth Williams

Rose Winkler

Galen Winship

Dave Wirges

Ed Workman


Barb Yates*

Erica Zaffarano

Loosely organized endeavor.
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