Letters and Updates

Copies of past letters sent out to the reunion mailing list
Reunion Update 8/14/02 Schedule for attendees. Reunion Update 7/24/02 Additional Friday happenings.

Reunion Update 7/19/02 Tentative Reunion music roster, also details for Friday night event.

Reunion Update 6/20/02 Sign up Reminder.

Reunion Update 4/11/02 Event program and specific details on how to sign up for the Reunion.

Reunion Update 10/9/01 Help us contact these people.

Reunion Update 6/13/01 Dates and other information.

Current Reunion Invitation Copy and paste this letter to a text document, then use it to get in touch with old Ames friends.

Original Reunion Letter 12/14/00 The original reunion announcement.

Loosely organized endeavor.
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