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On the weekend of August 16-18, 2002 a reunion was held for folks who wandered through the sometimes wonderful, sometimes tragic, and often strange counterculture experience of Ames, Iowa from the mid 1960's through the late 1970's. To find out more about the Reunion and to provide information about yourself, please proceed to the following Web pages.

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sunclick here:>>> REUNION VIDEOS INFO<<< HURRY! LAST CHANCE! Order your video of the reunion. Orders must be received by November 15th.

sunclick here:>>> REGISTERED GUEST <<< Find your friends. Names of people who've visited the Ames Reunion web site.

sunclick here:>>> E-MAIL LIST <<< to see the list of e-mail addresses and how to add yours.

sunclick here:>>> POST YOUR NAME ON THE WEBSITE <<< This page will provide you with information about how to post your name on the Website.

sunclick here:>>> LINKS <<< This is a list of related links. Any personal web pages, links of interest in the Ames area, or anything you think might be pertinent to the site...just send 'em in email!

sunclick here:>>> PHOTO GALLERY <<< The Gallery has photographs from then and now. Also, learn how to submit your own photographs for posting on the Reunion Web Page.

sunclick here:>>> POTPOURRI <<< Check here for Reunion updates and miscellaneous weirdness.

sunclick here:>>> REUNION LETTER <<< The letter contains initial information about the reunion. You may customize this letter for yourself and use it to contact others who might be interested in the Ames Reunion.

sunclick here:>>> AMES MURAL <<< Check here to see the proposed Ames Mural.

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