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If you have a personal or business website, or know of any links you think might be pertinent to the site, just send 'em in email and we'll put 'em up!

sunThe Hotel at the Gateway Center The official Ames Reunion hotel. Mention "Ames 60's/70's Reunion" and receive a special rate for Ames Reunioneers.

sunAmes Reunion Discussion Site Reunioneer Fred Olson set up this listserv. site. By subscribing you can send and will receive emails from other reunioneers regarding the reunion and related information. Thanks Fred!

sunAmes City Web Site Chamber of Commerce stuff. Useful links.

sun Ames High High AlumniIf you're looking for old friends who went to Ames High, this might be useful.

sunAmes Tribune Web Site See the Trib's article about Ames Reunion (That's us folks!). Actual website link at bottom.

sunElyn Aviva We used to know her as Ellen Feinberg. Now she's an author, publisher, and world traveler. Check out her books.

sunRich Beachler Details of Friday Reunion Weekend (August 16th) fundraising concert at ISU's Reiman Gardens.

sunJoan and Don Berry The Berrys built a beautiful home theater. Find out how.

sunClyde Brown Chess, political science, and music! Take a class from Clyde.

sunDennis Brumm A comprehensive and thoughtful history of the Gay Liberation Movement in Ames.

sunAl Burns A fascinating look at the cultural anthropology of the Americas. Hmmm. Wonder if he still sings??

sunJean Lynch Christofferson Advertising on the internet? Jean can help.

sunSteve Christofferson Helping at-risk adolescent boys.

sunRoger Colton Law with a social conscience. See what Roger's up to these days.

sunM. Elizabeth Corey At first glimpse this site appears to be in English.

sunJan Elfine Find out about coaching. (I could use some on those cool website graphics.)

sunRick Exner Alternatives for Iowa farmers. A new look at farming.

sunLaurent Hodges Astronomy, physics, passive solar, and Ukraine

sunISU main web site Thinking of going back to college??

sunISU webcam Check out the weather on central campus, watch people go in and out of the Union (or get a life).

sunISU Library Special Exhibit May 1970 demonstrations in Ames. Interesting pictures and excerpts. Is this how you remember it?

sunKatie Abbott Jobe Combining silk, art, and healing in very cool ways.

sunTerry Kline It seems to be about a dome. Then again maybe not.

sunTom Krall Exquisite gold jewelry with island themes, custom made by Alice. Who's the baby?

sunJeff Logsdon Have a yen to get your architecture landscaped? Check here.

sunSteve Marsden Logs of old Free Flowing newspapers, links to other interesting sites

sunBryan Mumford Want a time machine camera controller? A harmonic visualizer? A Creature clock? Amazing things from our own self-described "crackpot" inventor.

sunVictoria Munroe Design First Class custom Graphic Design work (Psst, guess what? It's really Vicki Sposeto!)

sunFred Olson Learn about Fred, cohousing communities, study circles, farmer/labor movement , and more.

sunDavid C. Oshel For once the word "eclectic" actually fits. Be sure to check out the "Rants."

sunSusan Osborn Her latest CD is titled "Reunion." Is that synchronicity or what? Concert schedule and CDs.

sunJim Pearson Law, rivers, and kids. Two websites for the price of one.

sunDave Plaehn Ex-jugband vocalist and bluesman still doin' what he does best!

sunRalph Rosenberg Helping families in Iowa

sunLucia Ruedenberg Wright Thoughtful pieces on Judaism, Romance, and life in the Big Apple.

sunUrsula Ruedenberg See a glimpse of the proposed downtown Ames wall mural. Contact information on how to contribute.

sunEric Sealine An update on Eric and his art.

sunJay Sherman Help save the Chesapeake Bay (you know he's in it for the crab cakes.)

sunRalph Stephens How about a nice soothing massage?

sunDonald Siano Fascinating first hand account of the anti-war movement in Ames. Also Trebuchets???

sunTom Slockett So what exactly does a county auditor do?

sun Travels with Leftheris We don't know if he's coming to the reunion or not, but too good a link to pass up

sunKeith Wessel Keith has posted a large collection of his photography from the 70's for all you reunioneers. Lots of familiar faces.

sunJohn Whitehouse A portfolio of John's artwork. Includes some nicely done nudes. So not for prudes. (Sorry, had an Ogden Nash attack.)

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