Ursula Ruedenberg, artist, Proposed Ames Mural

An advance look at the Downtown Ames outdoor mural.

A historical mural has been designed for Main Street. The Public Arts Commission of the City of Ames has granted $5,000 and many Ames residents have given generously. An additional $10,000 will bring the project over the top, so that mural painting can begin this coming spring. Help fund this project through the "Ames Reunion Gift to Ames Fund." Donations collected through September 30th will be contributed as part of an Ames Reunion gift and will be receive a permanent and public acknowledgement.

For donation information contact Ursula at ursula_ru@hotmail.com or send your donation to:
Ursula Ruedenberg, 707A Union Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215. Make your check out to "City of Ames, earmarked Ames Historical Mural."